Sunday, July 12, 2009

Religious idiots

"This is why we can't have nice stuff."

I have heard some sound, fairly put forth ideas about religion being taught in a philosophy oriented class early in high school or even middle school. By religion of course I mean all major current world religions, including but not limited to the Judaic trio (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), Buddhism, and Hinduism, not just one view point. This would help with a deeper understanding of our own cultural history, as well as cultural differences with other countries.

But then I get reminded of how idiotic the creationist religious nut jobs can be. And how badly they want to push their agenda, *THEIR* world view of religion. And make no mistake, any creationist/Intelligent Design person is following a religious view point for the simple reason that there is not a single shred of evidence that there is an actual divine entity. Of any sort, let alone the particular flavor these people are pushing.

If you believe something with out any proof or evidence, and even more, if you believe stuff that directly contradicts existing proof and evidence, then you are religious. Or crazy. Though some would call them one and the same, and there are certainly times when I lean towards that.

Religion is not science. it can never be science, buy the simple fact that it is about believing something, no matter what truths might be presented to you. Aka, religious faith. None the less, creationist fanatics want to impose their will upon the young by teaching it as science, and here are demanding the right to give out scientific doctorates, when what they teahc has nothing to do with science.

I simply can't trust them enough to give them the proverbial inch of letting there be a semester of religion & philosphy, for fear they will try to use that to take the proverbial mile, and demand a better standing for their own particular religious view.

In the end, it's not my decision of course, but I can always hope my words will, through some convolution, influence some chain of people that might help keep the crazies away from deciding what should be taught in school.

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