Monday, July 6, 2009

Religion and fanatics

I try to keep myself open minded about religious faith and letting people believe what they choose, how ever unreasonable it may seem to me.

Then shit like this happens:

Their 15 month old daughter died because they counted on faith healing and did not seek out any medical advice at all.

I know that this sort of extreme religiousness is relatively rare, but this sort of willful, destructive sort of behavior in the name of God is what gets me riled up.Though what a given church encourages is usually milder, this is the core of what Religion asks of people: Blind devoted faith, belief in the unseen over proof, evidence, and fact. No matter how harmful that might be to yourself and your loved ones.

I find that sort of action and attitude outrageous, and insulting & demeaning when people ask me to shut off my intellect and believe wholly in something based entirely off of faith. So that is the basis of my issues with organized religions, they demand their followers to not use their brains and just be nice little mindless sheep and drones.

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