Monday, September 28, 2009

Net Neutrality

For those unfamiliar with the term:

Now, here's what I'm griping about:

And for those who do not want to read the links, here's the short short version: Net Neutrality is the best option for customers, you pay what ever for your connection, and your ISP doesn't get to say anything about what you download or upload. FCC is looking to mandate this policy for all ISPs. 6 GoP Senators have proposed a bill that would suspend any funding for such an action by the FCC. Those 6 senators turn out to have major contributions from AT&T, a very large ISP that shapes internet traffic so that using it's VOIP system will give better results than using any other independent VOIP, even if that other group has better software etc.

Political corruption sucks. Again.

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  1. The Washington Post editorial board is actually arguing that the FCC should take a hands-off approach to Net Neutrality, which I found surprising.