Friday, June 26, 2009

Regarding Congress

Quite frankly, it's becoming a bit of a clusterfuck up on capitol hill it seems to me. Speed reading through 1000+ page bills? Come on folks, this is getting so bad... reminds me of ideas I've heard before about making the sponsor of a bill have to stand out on the floor and read the entire damn thing before all of congress.

A comment some one made on digg (in regards to this article: ) made me ponder an idea. I already see many of the flaws in it, but it's fun to consider at least. For the next ten years or so, always vote for whom ever is not the incumbent. Create such a rapid turn over that both the Senate and the House of Representatives are entirely filled with new folk. Break up the old social ties and networks, stir things up. And keep doing it until they start behaving themselves properly, and getting their damn work done.

Also, I think that they should earn a total of 1 month of paid vacation, and no more, which is the same that military members earn, instead of these long recesses. And no more than 10% of congress can be on vacation at any time, they have to be functional all year round, and get the exact same number of paid holidays as every one else. They've got a damn job to do, so do it already!

I haven't researched any of this, so it's rather off the top of my head, I expect there to be flaws.

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